Steel strapping


For some applications, steel strapping is still indispensable, especially in case of hot, sharp or extremely heavy packaging goods. Steel strapping is available in several strap width and thickness combinations as well as in different quality grades having impact on tensile strengrth, elongation and rust protection. As quality grade, bright, standard and high tensile steel strapping can be differentiated - whereas standard quality steel strap is further differentiated along the rust protection grades: blue-annealed, black-painted and zinc-painted.

Bright steel strapping is the cheapes one with lowest elongation, tensile strength and rust protection, followed by standard qiuality steel strap. Highest values in all dimensions has hight tensile steel strapping.


stahlband-verpackungsstahlband-2- blue-annealed and waxed:

Rust protection is provided by a thin, blue oxide layer and additional hot wax, resulting in an optimum tensioning properties in strapping tools and machines.

- black-painted or zinc-painted and waxed:

Electrophoretic coating (galvanic coating) guarantees a uniform paint coat that is elastic and adheres well. Painted steel strapping is characterized by high rust protection - especially at the edges of the strap. Thanks to its low wear it allows for a low-maintenance use of manual steel strapping tools as well as of fully-automatic steel strapping machines.stahlband-verpackungsstahlband-3

Please find all details of available steel strapping dimensions and specifications in the following table. If you are unsere what specification you need or if you have a special request, please do not hesitate contacting our steel strapping specialists at any time!



Steel strapping qualities:

Form of coil Surface treatment Tensile strength Elongation
Bright ribbon
bright 650-760 N/mm² 3-4 %
750-960 N/mm² 6-8 %
High tensile ribbon
930-1030 N/mm² appr. 13 %

Available steel strapping dimensions:

13 mm 16 mm 19 mm 25 mm 32 mm
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0.5 mm tick tick tick
0.6 mm tick tick tick
0.7 mm tick
0.8 mm tick tick tick
0.9 mm tick
1.0 mm
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