The segment „wire“ is divided into six product categories: Stitching wire, with the specific sub segment Cardboard stitching wire, Brush staple wire, Baling press wire, Clip wire and wire pay-off systems.

Typical customers for stitching wire are bookbinders, publishing houses, printers and- in the execution as crates- or carton-stitching wire, the crates and cardboard packaging industry. Normally the stitching wire is made as a circular stitching wire, but it is also available as a flat stitching wire. Different from saddle stitchers, the qualitative requirements of the stitching wire for rotation systems are especially high. Stitching wire is manufactured in different presentations: as 2 kg coil, 16 kg-coil (so-called SD-coil) or in barrels of 40-250 kg. The wire thickness varies from 0,45 to 2,16 mm, typical types of remuneration are galvanized, bare, coppered and tinned.

Carton stitching wire is a special segment of the stitching wire. The typical completion is coppered or galvanized as 2, 10, 20 or 150 kg packages. The most popular sizes are 2,5 mm wire width and 0,55-0,80 mm wire diameter.

Under the designation glowed binding wire are baling press wire and loop wire subsumed. Glowed binding wire is employed in a range of industries. For example in cast concrete factories for holding the pavement slabs together or recycling companies (paper, PET bottles, foams etc.) as baling press wire. To avoid the binding wire breaks during twisting, it is carburized low. Typical completion is black-glowed, standard presentations are 20 or 40 kg packages, 70 kg manufacturing rings, 250 kg coils and 500 kg rosettes coils.

Stitching wire Stitching wire
Stitching wire is a high carbon steel wire and is used in several industries, such as in the disposable pallet and boxes industry as nailing wire or box stitching wire, in the bookbinding and printing industry as rotating stichting wire.
Brush wire Brush wire
Brush wire is a special low carbon iron wire that is softer than stitching wire.
Baling wire Baling wire
Baling wire is used with semi-automatic baling press machines. It is made of single, cut to length wires with a loop at the end that is put around the bales manually and then twisted.
Cardboard stitching wire Cardboard stitching wire
Cardboard stitching wire is mainly manufactured in two types: coppered (red-bright or stanox) or galvanized.
Wire dispensers Wire dispensers
Several wire dispensers are available for our wire products, guaranteeing a trouble-free processing.
Clip wire Clip wire
Available in coppered or galvanized. On spools of 2-25 kg. Usual dimensions 3,0x 0,50 + 4,0x 0,50 mm. The clip wire is preferably used in the packaging industry for bag closure equipment. It is suitable for using packing fruit and vegetables, potato...