Cardboard stitching wire

Cardboard stitching wire is a specific kind of stitching wire - a flat wire being delivered in basically two versions: Either
  • coppered (red-bright / stanox) or
  • galvanized

Galvanized cardboard stitching wire has better rust-protection than the one with red-bright surface and has a slightly higher penetrating power. This type of carton wire can be delivered in any kind of spool and ring types from 2 kg up to 150 kg.

150kg (RGP) spools are mainly used in fully-automatic carton stitchers and guarantee a trouble-free production process.

Our carton stitching wire is available in dimensions from 2.50 mm x 0.50 mm up to 2.50 mm x 0.80 mm

Surface: coppered, galvanized
Dimensions: Width from 2.20 mm up to 3.00 mm

Make-ups: on 2 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, and
150 kg spools as well as in tied "Krupp rings"

Other dimensions and make-ups available on demand!